Success Stories:

"Ruchika is an incredible human being and an amazing coach. Her help was crucial to my success. Her feedback was from experience and some of her ideas were completely out of the box, ultimately leading me to my goal - a job offer from my dream company!"
Marcus Cortez
Civil Engineer → Marketing Manager
"Ruchika's ability to help individuals help themselves is a quality that the best teachers possess. I am truly grateful for her mentorship!"
Connor Rigby
Technical Sales Rep → Marketing Analyst
"For one of my dream companies, out of 35,000 internship applications, I was the first candidate extended the job offer for the marketing role that was the best fit for me."
Jodie Wan
Renewable Energy Engineer Marketing Manager

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Meet Ruchika:

Engineer (GE Healthcare) ⇒ MBA (Marriott School) ⇒ Marketer (Dell) ⇒ Impactopreneur (Get On The Raft)


With an engineering background, I can anticipate challenges that non-business candidates face during transition.


Having been a full-time employee, MBA student, and now a business owner, I can fully understand what goes on in the minds of a job seeker & the recruiter.


I know the ins and outs of the job search having coached various students for several hundred hours.


Choosing to be an entrepreneur helps me integrate all the above challenges and call it my own!

If you enjoy headwinds like me, come get on the raft and co-create your future!

Problems with the "Traditional" Job Search

Why doesn't the conventional job search process bring out the best in a candidate?

Candidates can’t be their real self

Candidates are trained to follow a cookie-cutter approach to the job search process. Rather than let their whole self shine in the interview, candidates feel compelled to be a subdued version of themselves. Because of this approach, they fail to make a genuine connection with the recruiters.

I help candidates excel by reinforcing their social presence, confidence, and authenticity!

Candidates rarely get honest feedback

Research says that most people are just as afraid of providing honest feedback as they are of receiving it. Candidates are frustrated to interview again and again without any credible source of candid feedback.

I enable an ongoing feedback dialog that is direct, unique, and actionable for each candidate. Let’s stop beating around the bush.

What can we do to solve your problem?

I will create a safe space for you to get compelling feedback and help you rethink getting hired.

Did you have the mindset to believe that you were the right fit for the job?

Were you genuinely engaged with the recruiter in the networking session the night before?

Were you nervous going into the interview because you had fewer years of work experience?

Why will we use these tools?

I want to create an introspective environment for you that will guide you down a path to find the answers for yourself.

I have seen hundreds of exceptionally bright candidates stuck in a rut because they have been repeatedly told “that’s how recruiting works.”

You will not be one of them!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard, “I’m getting interviews, doing what I think should work, but something is missing.”

You will never say this!

How will we do this?

We’ll achieve this via any of our…

Online articles & videos that walk you through reaching your goals!

Bootcamps & training programs where you can have a complete step-by-step process and a support system to lean on in this journey.

1-on-1 mentoring to have a completely personalized approach to your unique situation.

The results for me?

Identify your untapped strengths.

Feel comfortable showing your full self in the job search process.

Land a fulfilling position for YOU.

Ready to get on the raft?

Remember… you were not born to swim with the current, but to carve out your unique journey!

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