Is that you?

How many times have you come out of a mock interview thinking, “If I am already doing great, why don’t I have a job yet?

First, research says people are as scared of providing candid feedback as the one receiving. Feedback is sandwiched between lots of praise, only praise, or nothing at all. After all, only your best buddies dare to speak what you need to hear!

Second, there’s too much emphasis on following a cookie-cutter approach to interviewing. So, instead of encouraging you to bring your whole self to the interview room, you are frequently advised to conform to standardized (read outdated) recruiting practices. Sounding rehearsed is preferred over sounding authentic. While you constantly hear you have to be unique to stand out, are you encouraged to deviate from the norm? Isn’t it paradoxical that the more we try to look like our competitors, the more we don’t stand out?

So what make things work?

Your social presence, confidence and authenticity do! Did you engage authentically with the recruiter in the networking session the night before? Did you have the mindset to believe that you were the right fit for the job?

Interviews are not won by crisp pitches alone. They are won by being a likeable personality in the room. Interviewers want to recruit people with high emotional intelligence and interview presence. After all, the recruiter is a human first and an interviewer second. If you train your mind to see the recruiter as an acquaintance introduced to you by your friend, you will be your true self before them in a heartbeat.

This is exactly what I love doing over and over again. I provide direct, specific and actionable feedback to individuals during 1-on-1 sessions so they come out of their “robotic” zone, identify their unique strengths and values and use them to bring their authentic selves to interviews. It requires a mindset change, and that is my underlying approach. The goal here is to provide you with continuous feedback that you can internalize and iteratively use to train your mindset.

If this resonates with you, let’s chat! No more sugarcoating stuff. I will throw you a raft and get you out of the raging one-directional flow. You were not born to flow with the tide, you were born to carve out your own unique journey!

The face behind #GOTR

Engineer (GE Healthcare) | Homemaker | Marketer (Dell) | Impactopreneur (#GOTR)

Be it refuting barriers 8 years ago by being the only non-postgraduate degree holder in my dream job (image) or by breaking stereotypes 2 years later by quitting that same job to embrace the life of a homemaker (image) in a brand new country called the United States of America or by defying norms today by leaving two 6-figure MBA conventional job offers to start #GOTR (image), I am happy when I am in charge of my life! Stemming from the same conviction, #GOTR was born. I want to help Management students and professionals carve their authentic journey instead of fishing in the troubled waters.

When I am not working, you can either find me in the company of my beloved best friend aka husband (image) or find me off the beaten path trying to explore the rugged beauty of America (image) or brainstorming and challenging the status quo with my friends (image)!

Why was #GOTR born? slideshow

#GOTR born out of utter dissatisfaction with the status quo and rigid conformity to outdated recruiting practices.

No go-to personalized MBA resource exists. There are many websites to read from but none that convert information into impact.

World is pushing students to pursue short-term gains. I wanted to set them up for their next several jobs, not just the next one.

Students aren’t getting actionable feedback to shift their mindsets. Everyone is beating around the bush, trying to lift their spirits by saying they are doing okay. But students realize something is wrong, they need help figuring out why.

Create a culture of normalizing discomfort. For someone said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Feedback allows students to unravel what they truly want in life. They have convictions in their answers and know when to say no.

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