1What will you take away as a GOTR Graduate?
  • Compelling feedback that will help you unravel yourself.
  • Mastery over your mind because GOTR's underlying theme is mind matters first.
  • Strong confidence in your abilities.
  • Tools to help you succeed beyond interviews since the changes you make with GOTR cannot be made without a real change in your life.
  • Finally, going through the entire process will organically help you discover whether what you are pursuing, is also something you are passionate about or is your core competency. In short, the process will guide you to identify your sweet spot. Remember the COP model we spoke about?
2Will GOTR extend beyond MBAs?

Currently, my unique assets of relatability and relevance as a mentor help to determine an MBA student's success. Tailoring programs for non-MBA professionals is definitely a possibility in the future. If GOTR's mission resonates with you and you think I can help, please hit the Contact page. I would love to chat with you!

3What is my (Ruchika's) mentoring style?
  • I don't try to fit my mentees into a model. My forte is to find uniqueness in an individual and deliver it to them with specificity.
  • I don’t go by the book. I don't use templates or presentations. If you are looking for a traditional coaching mechanism, GOTR might not be for you.
  • I truly invest in the success of my mentees. In order to adapt to individual need, I offer flexible number of sessions for the same program. Read my reviews to learn more about my style.
4How do you know if GOTR is for you?
  1. Are you 101% accountable, biased towards action, and hungry for real change?
  2. GOTR is not an instant get-me-results gimmick. It is an enabler to help you find success that is both fulfilling and sustainable. The only way to get top results is to elevate your pursuit to that level. If you do that, GOTR will not only set you up for your immediate goal fulfillment, but also set you up for a successful life.

  3. Have you ever had a transformative experience?
  4. I ask this because I believe that transformative experiences are the cornerstones of sustainable success. Transformative experiences cause a deep-rooted change in us because of the process we go through. It involves powerful self-reflection and internalization. GOTR leverages a similar process. It creates a safe environment for you to be introspective and help you unravel the answers for yourself. The process is transformative because it re-defines your mindset. You learn how you can be the boss of your mind and drive the results you want, any time in your life.

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