First Year MBAs

I conducted an MBA study to understand what were some of the biggest challenges faced by current MBA students. This was a common theme among many first year students:

"They’ve been through that process. Observing their background and where they’re at now, classmates who had an undergrad in Business got their internships early. Other people who had an Engineering or another non-business background were still looking.

If you have a background in Business School, you need to get a business internship quickly. They (classmates) learned early to navigate the job hunt. They came in knowing that (internship) was something they needed to prioritize.

Business School was a new world for me!"

Don't worry, I've got you!

  • You are already drinking from a fire hose.

  • The business world is probably new to you.

  • You are getting by, balancing rigorous academics with nerve-racking internship search.

  • On top of that, you want to be able to participate in case competitions and club activities. Oh, and you certainly don't wanna miss those happy hours and college game nights!



Milestone 1

Get Noticed

I have heard several classmates say they wish they go back in time and make a better first impression before a recruiter. It’s a costly mistake!


Number of sessions: 4 to 5

Milestone 2

Yes, Networking Can Feel Genuine

“Everyone talks about networking, but nobody talks about the rules of the game”, said one of my classmates. True! By now, you have started to do a LOT of networking. Yet, somewhere it still feels fake. Let’s learn what “good” networking means.


Number of sessions: 3 to 4

Milestone 3

Prep for Your Interview

The time has come. Your relentless efforts to make purposeful connections and shine out in company info sessions has borne fruit. You have landed an interview and it is a make or break deal now.


Number of sessions: 4 to 6

Milestone 4

Crush Your Upcoming Interview!



Practice with Several Mock Interviews

You've got to get this one! It's for your dream internship.

Let’s integrate your learnings into several mock interview sessions with constant, actionable feedback. The goal is to prepare you to crush your interview with impact and authenticity.

Curious, which of the two do you think is going to be tougher — being impactful or being authentic? We will explore this together.


Number of sessions:


Thank you for going through all the 3 milestones with GOTR

Number of sessions: 4 to 6

I am Invested in You

  • All sessions are 1-on-1

  • Set your own schedule

  • Each session is at least 60 minutes

  • Get lifelong support


Faster Internship Conversion *

when you work with GOTR

Common Questions

For each milestone, you show a variable number of sessions. What does that mean?

I focus on quality over speed. I also appreciate that every mentee is unique. So, I have a flexible no-rush policy. I will adapt to the mentee's pace and learning need to help them graduate confidently from GOTR.
What does it mean by "each session is at least 60 minutes"?

Yes. I don't watch the clock too closely when I am mentoring. I believe it dilutes the experience. On a fine day when both sides allow flexibility, a 60-minute session could very well turn into an 80-minute one.
Tell me more about how I can get lifelong support after my program ends.

Of course!
Nothing changes upon graduation from GOTR. I want my mentees to count on me now and later at no additional cost.

Up to first 6 months: Have a quick chat on Whatsapp or gather questions to hop on a biweekly 45 minute 1-on-1 call
Thereafter: Connect, learn and share instantly with other like-minded MBAs. I am building a community to connect GOTR mentees 1-on-1.
For more questions, read the FAQ here or Contact me.
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