Pick Your GOTR Program

Having gone through the entire realm of the MBA journey and having observed first-hand the unsaid needs of several hundred MBA students, I have designed each GOTR program keeping in mind the unique said and unsaid needs of an MBA candidate.

Incoming MBAs

From the day you received your MBA admission letter

First Year MBAs

Since the day you began your MBA program until the first day of your MBA summer internship

Second Year MBAs

From the first day of your MBA summer internship to the last day of your Business School

Recent MBA Grads

Since your first day of becoming an MBA Graduate

Flexible Payment Plans

I don't want a certain $$ figure to stop you from investing in yourself. Yes, don't let money come between you and the fulfillment of your MBA dreams — the very reason you happily let go of your 2-year income and invested thousands of additional dollars in those 2 years. Pay as you like with GOTR!

Program Features

  • Begin with a free session

  • All sessions are 1-on-1

  • Set your own schedule

  • Each session is at least 60 minutes

  • Get lifelong support

  • Variable number of sessions to suit your pace

Note: Refer to "Common Questions" section at the end of each program page for better context.

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