Incoming MBAs

I interviewed dozens of current MBA students on what they thought was their biggest challenge in MBA recruiting. Here's what stood out:

Stay ahead of the game

  • Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly once you start the MBA program.

  • Long days and nights are not uncommon.

  • Current MBA students found it incredibly helpful to get a head start in the recruiting process while things still looked manageable.

Get a grip on the herculean MBA job search process.

We'll follow a curated journey of milestones that will save you several crucial hours when you begin your MBA program.



Milestone 1

Get Ready to Be Noticed

It is important to understand why we do what we do before we even start thinking about what industry and role we want to be in.


Number of sessions: 5 to 7

Milestone 2

Engage in Authentic Networking

As overused as the word networking is, it is the least understood among MBA students. Networking does not mean impressing the recruiter with your knowledge of their company’s 10k, nor does it mean overwhelming them with your professional achievements. We will learn what networking really means.


Number of sessions: 3 to 4

Milestone 3

Prep for Your Interview

The time has come. Your relentless efforts to make purposeful connections and shine out in company info sessions has borne fruit. You have landed an interview and it is a make or break deal now.


Number of sessions: 5 to 7

Milestone 4

Crush Your First Interview!



Practice with Several Mock Interviews

This is our last milestone. As soon as you land your first interview, we will go through several interview practice sessions where you will integrate everything you have learned into a CASE delivery format.
... until you can confidently say - “I got this”!


Number of sessions:


... because it is my pride to see you land your first interview.

I am Invested in You

  • All sessions are 1-on-1

  • Set your own schedule

  • Each session is at least 60 minutes

  • Get lifelong support

On average, an MBA student spends 10 hours a week on job search efforts.

Do the math
Save 80 hours *

of your crucial first two months and spend them on...

Being Interview-ready

  • Have an edge in on-campus networking sessions
  • Know your pitch off the top of your head
  • Have time to apply for jobs mindfully
  • Connect to more people through info interviews
  • Save zillion of mock interview hours
  • Feel ultra-prepared for interviews

MBA Life

  • Participate in Case Competitions
  • Be active in Student Clubs
  • Go on MBA Study Abroads
  • Thrive in class discussions
  • Contribute effectively in team meetings
  • Be a Student Leader
  • Have time to relax in your MBA Lounge
  • Don't miss another Happy Hour
  • Be a TA and make a difference

Common Questions

For each milestone, you show a variable number of sessions. What does that mean?

I focus on quality over speed. I also appreciate that every mentee is unique. So, I have a flexible no-rush policy. I will adapt to the mentee's pace and learning need to help them graduate confidently from GOTR.
What does it mean by "each session is at least 60 minutes"?

Yes. I don't watch the clock too closely when I am mentoring. I believe it dilutes the experience. On a fine day when both sides allow flexibility, a 60-minute session could very well turn into an 80-minute one.
Tell me more about how I can get lifelong support after my program ends.

Of course!
Nothing changes upon graduation from GOTR. I want my mentees to count on me now and later at no additional cost.

Until end of your first year: Hop on a weekly 20 minute 1-on-1 call.
Thereafter: Connect, learn and share instantly with other like-minded MBAs. I am building a community to connect GOTR mentees 1-on-1.
For more questions, read the FAQ here or Contact me.
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