Recent MBA Grads

I've got your back!

  • You have everything it takes to get your dream job.

  • Yes, the on-campus placement was sub-par, leaving you hanging for a full-time offer.

  • The amazing on-campus support has ceased to exist.

  • It feels as if everyone around you is out there to get the same off-campus job that you're interested in.

Crush Your Upcoming Interview!

The time has come. Your relentless efforts to network and make connections has led you to the first round of your dream interview. It is a make or break deal now!


Practice with Several Mock Interviews

You know the ropes. You have been there and done that! All you need now is a set of targeted mock interview sessions to help you identify what you should keep doing and where you need to pivot. We will do this via a series of continuous targeted feedback. All our sessions will revolve around the company you’re targeting, so that there are hardly any surprises when it is time for the real deal!


Preparation includes the following:

Rethink your Elevator Pitch

Do you talk about your strengths and passion along with your professional achievements in your Tell Me About Yourself? I hope your TMAY is not about professional success stories alone. TMAY is more about YOU. It is as much about your exemplary anecdotes of strengths, values, and compassion as much as it is about showing how you are a great fit for the company. Let’s revisit your pitch.

Brush up on your STAR Stories

Let’s work together to pick out your best stories, think through the several scenarios in which you can use them, and learn to deliver them with composure, confidence, and a winner’s attitude.

Master your Mindset

No matter how crisp your stories are, it will lead to nothing if you don’t have the right mindset. I can go on for hours on the importance of being the boss of your mind (you can read my MBA blogs to get some of that), but it really boils down to if you have practiced it enough or not. We can’t leave this until the day before the interview, therefore, mind matters first will be my underlying theme from the outset until it becomes second nature.

Number of sessions: 4 to 6

Need to work on a specific area?

Pick from the milestones or sub-milestones below:


Milestone 1

Get Noticed

Let’s look at the traditional pieces of recruiting from an untraditional lens.


Number of sessions: 3 to 4

Milestone 2

Can Networking Get Any Better?

By now, you have done a tremendous amount of networking. Yet, you are uncomfortable with the mention of the word networking. It’s not because you are not good at it, but because you just want to get over it. It has often felt artificial. I hear you. Let’s make networking organic for you.


Info Interview with Purpose

You know your script and have reached out to hundreds of connections, but somehow it still feels hard to convert those connections into advocates. Maybe it's time to ditch the script and change the approach?

Stand out in Networking Nights and Meetups

You have identified which local Meetups work for your career pursuits. You are also active in the Networking Nights in your town. Let's make that first great impression and learn ways to follow-up in a memorable manner.

Number of sessions: 2 to 3

I am Invested in You

  • All sessions are 1-on-1

  • Set your own schedule

  • Each session is at least 60 minutes

  • Get lifelong support


Increase in income *

compared to your pre-MBA income

Upfront Spend *

of your first year's income when you interview prep with GOTR

Common Questions

For each milestone, you show a variable number of sessions. What does that mean?

I focus on quality over speed. I also appreciate that every mentee is unique. So, I have a flexible no-rush policy. I will adapt to the mentee's pace and learning need to help them graduate confidently from GOTR.
What does it mean by "each session is at least 60 minutes"?

Yes. I don't watch the clock too closely when I am mentoring. I believe it dilutes the experience. On a fine day when both sides allow flexibility, a 60-minute session could very well turn into an 80-minute one.
Tell me more about how I can get lifelong support after my program ends.

Of course!
Nothing changes upon graduation from GOTR. I want my mentees to count on me now and later at no additional cost.

Up to first 6 months: Have a quick chat on Whatsapp or gather questions to hop on a biweekly 45 minute 1-on-1 call
Thereafter: Connect, learn and share instantly with other like-minded MBAs. I am building a community to connect GOTR mentees 1-on-1.
For more questions, read the FAQ here or Contact me.
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