What's in GOTR for you?

Whatever stage you are in your MBA job search process, GOTR helps you exhibit your best authentic self through continuous 1-on-1 actionable dialog. The process looks like this:


I ask you a lot of questions

No hacky questionnaires or pseudo-scientific approaches. I invest the time needed to have detailed conversations.

You discover your latent strengths

Often, we are unaware of our core strengths because we were never inspired to think about those. I will give you the reasons.

We co-create your job search process

Now that you know your What’s in GOTR for me?sweet spot, we will tailor your stories as well as your mindset.

You own your success, now and later

You have learned to carve out your journey not just for the next job, but also for the next several jobs.

Land Your Dream Job BOOTCAMP (6 Weeks)